City Snapshot

The following measures include some of the key indicators about Burlington.

City Financials

Credit Ratings

Unassigned Fund Balance

FY17 Fund Balance


A surplus in the Unassigned Fund increases the City's ability to weather a financial downturn due to having cash-on-hand.

The Grand List

FY18 Grand List Value


FY18 Change in Value


Annual Grand List growth over the past 10 years indicates a healthy real estate market in the City.

Gross Receipts Taxes

FY17 Audit Balance


Burlington's restaurant, hotel, amusements, and admissions tax diversifies revenues and moves the City closer to a fee-for-service model.

City Affordability

Rent as a Percentage of Income

According to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development, families who pay more than 30% of their income for housing are considered cost burdened.

Rental Vacancy Rates

Local Economy

Local Unemployment

Building Permits Issued

The number of building permits issued by the City indicates investment in the residential and commercial properties in the community .



1/1/18 - 5/31/18

Enplanements measure the number of passengers that boarded regularly scheduled flights from BTV.

City Livability

See Click Fix
Avg. Days to Close

5.8 Days

The average number of days it took City officials to close See Click Fix requests in the month of May.

Bike Path

Phase 2

Phase 1 of the project was completed in January, 2017. Phase 2 is currently underway. 


The Parks, Recreation, & Waterfront department maintains over 35 parks and 520 acres of open space.

Environment & Sustainability

Renewable Energy

Percentage of Burlington Electric Department energy provided from renewable sources.

Drinking Water Quality

In CY 2016, annual drinking water samples were fully compliant with State and Federal drinking water standards.