Minimum Housing Inspections

The City is committed to ensuring a safe housing stock, and requires rental property owners to meet minimum housing standards. The Code Enforcement Department maintains a registry of approximately 10,000 rental units which it regularly inspects for compliance with required standards.

Initial Rental Unit Inspections

Units Inspected
> 792

This number indicates the level of inspection activity for all rental units in the City of Burlington.  There are approximately 9,500 rental units in the City of Burlington that require an inspection at least every three years. 

We are currently meeting our expected goal of approximately 3,100 initial inspections of rental units each year.  Quarterly totals vary from 600 to over 1,000 units inspected based on the season.

This number is calculated by the number of inspection reports completed by our Housing Inspection staff.

Average Number of Days to Complete Inspections

< 45

This is important to know that if deficiencies are found they are corrected quickly to provide tenants with safe housing.

Code Enforcement has significantly reduced the average number of days to complete inspections.  In 2010, the average was over 240 days.

This number is calculated by measuring the number of days from the initial scheduling of an inspection to the date the rental unit was found in full compliance with the housing ordinance.