Airline Enplanements

Airline enplanements measure the number of passengers boarding a scheduled flight, and are a direct representation of the overall health of the airport and the City.

Enplanements (1/1/2018 - 5/31/2018)
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Enplanements are a direct representation of the overall health of the Airport. The more destinations we are able to offer travelers, the greater number of routes, and the greater number of seats available at more competitive pricing. Overall, the end result is a greater number of seats to a wider array of destinations at more competitive prices. 

Additionally, enplanements directly correlate to the amount of federal grant funding received for Airport Improvement Projects and for infrastructure improvements funded by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Year-to-date in comparison to the prior year, enplanements are approximately 10,000 higher while maintaining a load factor of 82%, whereas the industry average is 79.5%. The load factor is calculated by dividing enplanements by the total number of seats available.

Enplanements represent the number of passengers that take off out of BTV. We acquire the enplanement data from each individual airline on a monthly basis, and compare with data obtained from consultants within the industry.