Parks and Recreation Nutrition Programs

The Burlington Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department operates a yearlong Senior Nutrition Program, and a Kids Summer Meal Program to ensure vulnerable members of the population have access to a nutritious meal.

Senior (60+) Nutrition Program (10/1/16 - 12/31/16)

Meals Served

Programmers across the country face the question of how to engage seniors who have difficulties leaving their homes. With new programming, marketing techniques, transportation assistance, a more conducive meals program, and a centralized location, we are making efforts to help Burlington’s homebound seniors overcome the many challenges they face in getting out and about and socializing with their peers. Many seniors for whom transportation has been an issue have been introduced to Special Service Transportation Agency (SSTA). The partnership is essential to providing all seniors in our community access to the meals program and our increased daily, weekly, and monthly programming.

We exceeded the target for the 4th quarter of 2016.

Daily and total number of meals served (population age age 60+).

Kids (Under 18) Summer Meal Program - 2016

Kids Served

Hundreds of school age children in Burlington live with food insecurity every day. When the school year ends many children lose access to the free breakfasts, lunches and dinners they receive every Monday through Friday. Through the hard work of the Burlington School Food Project, all Burlington youth under the age of eighteen are eligible for free summer meals and snacks served at several locations throughout the City. Our partnership with the Burlington School District Food Services Department has allowed us to access grants to bring these meals programs directly into the neighborhoods of our most vulnerable kids. Our childcare licensed Champ Camps and Recreation & Nutrition Programs benefit immensely from this free meals program. 

The 2016 summer meal program provided almost 3,000 meals to children in Burlington. This surpassed the target of 2,750, which was based on historic data and an expected increase in program participation.

Summer total number of meals served (to population age 18 and under).