Burlington City Arts Community Investments

Burlington City Arts (BCA) offers funding opportunities to artists and small arts organizations to foster a robust, healthy, active community, support artists, and encourage innovation through the arts. Direct investment in artists creates opportunities for community participation. A healthy arts ecosystem requires funding to support overall community vitality that in turn supports economic growth and livability.

$ 160577
$ 159125
Target (7/1/17 - 12/31/17)

Direct investment in artists of many skill levels supports a healthy arts ecosystem, which is crucial for creating opportunity for community participation, supporting economic vitality and enhancing livability for a community.  As overhead costs inevitably increase, we want to ensure that investments in artists keep up with the pace of other growth.

We have established our own benchmark of 3% growth from FY16, as national benchmarks are skewed by organizational and community variation.  We are on track based on what we know of programming in our final six months.

These numbers include BCA budget accounts that are specific to types of funds paid to artists, including stipends for services, commissions for the creation of new work, and consignment for the sale of work.  Additionally, these numbers include grants administered to artists by BCA through the regional programs fund.