SeeClickFix Metrics

SeeClickFix (SCF) is available to residents, businesses, and visitors to submit requests for service (e.g. pothole repair, graffiti removal). The City aims to address issues in accordance with set Service Level Agreements (SLA). By closely monitoring requests, the City can ensure prompt resolution of issues, identify and respond to trends, and address the issues that are impacting the community.

Percentage of Requests Closed in SLA

This is important to show that the city departments are meeting their internal goals for the completing requests within their SLA period. 

The city is currently meeting most of the target dates for our SLAs. We regularly evaluate these to improve our performance.

The SLA is calculated from the date the request was received until the request is completed and closed out.

Average Time to Acknowledge and Close

Our goal is to have every request acknowledged within 2 days and closed within the SLA period.

On average, we are meeting the goal of acknowledging requests within 2 days and are always striving to improve our average days to close issues.

The number of days are calculated from the date of the request until a city staff member clicks "acknowledged" and later "closes" the request in the database.

Trash or Illegal Dumping Requests

This is important to show any trends in increased activity that can detract from the quality of life for Burlington residents and visitors.

We are seeing an increase in reports because the SCF system is new to many residents.  As our user base increases we have seen greater activity and increased reports of trash.

This is raw data from the number of SCF reports of trash or illegal dumping by month since the beginning of 2013.