Miles of Sidewalk Reconstructed

Proper stewardship of City sidewalks provides a safer infrastructure for the traveling public. Our goal is to provide a sidewalk system with no segments in serious or failed condition by 2021.

Miles of Sidewalk
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Safe, accessible, and well-maintained sidewalks are a fundamental and necessary investment for cities, and have been found to enhance general public health and maximize social capital.

This year marks the first year of our enhanced sidewalk replacement program. The work under this program is performed by both DPW crews and an outside contract. DPW crews have worked diligently through a very wet season to complete their work plan. This year's contract did not initiate until August 2017 and work will continue into November 2017 as weather allows. Work will ultimately complete in the spring of 2018 for this contract.

Sidewalks are evaluated and ranked for their deterioration as well as their potential for pedestrian usage to determine where to prioritize funding for sidewalk repairs and replacement.